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First Step – Register! REGISTRATION IS FREE.

To be able to use BrightBrains Tests, you first need to Register yourself. Click on the “Register Here” button visible on the Home Page of the site and 2 distinct drop down headings will be visible – Individual or Company, and depending on who you are, you can click the appropriate choice and proceed with the form fill - all self explanatory. Mandatory fields are marked *.

What browsers are recommended for use on BrightBrains?

Please ensure that you use any one of the 4 listed browsers for BrightBrains. They are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari.As additional browsers get tested and cleared for use on BrightBrains, these will be listed on our Home Page also.

What happens after I register?

Once you have completed the form-fill correctly and submitted the form, an email confirming your Successful Registration will reach your registered mail id. You can then LOGIN as and when you wish and Purchase/Pay and execute the tests by following instructions on each relevant page of the process.

I have forgotten my password – what shall I do?

On the Login block on the upper right hand side of your screen, you can see the “Forgot Password” link. Click this and based on a verification you can retrieve your original password.

We are a College, what procedure do we follow?

Registration form under process. Will be released soon for use.

As a College, we want bulk licenses and tests allocation/administration, what do we do?


We are a Company, what procedure do we follow?

First go to “Register Here” and Register yourself as a Company. Once registered, you can then LOGIN and use our services for either your Current Staff or even External Resources, be they local or remote. The clear instructions on our site will guide you through.

We want our current staff tested, how do we do this?

Once you have registered as a company our selection and ordering process provide multiple level options and these are simple to follow. Use the option for Current Staff when you come to the Ordering section of our site. All related test codes/Test results will come to your registered mail id.

We are a Company and want new candidates tested, how do we do this?

Once you have registered as a company our selection and ordering process provide multiple level options and these are simple to follow. Use the option for External Resources when you come to the Ordering section of our site. All related test codes/Test results will come to your registered mail id.

We have candidates and/or employees at remote locations and want them tested – can we do that?

Yes you can. The system provides for this where you can register/buy the tests for both situations and then forward the codes to the selected target audience. Results will always come across to the registered mail id you have registered with.

We want to administer identical questions tests for candidates– is this possible?

Yes, the system caters for this option as well.

Is there just one generic level of test per topic on offer or do I have a choice of levels?

BrightBrainsTM tests are offered on multiple levels as accepted within the Industry. The levels on offer are – Basic, Intermediate, Expert. While you are booking your tests, the relevant screen will guide you to select levels as suitable to you.

I have changed my Email id and/or Contact number, what should I do?

Please send us an email at: - In the subject line you can type in your name. Our Administrator will process this mail internally and update your records.

Once I register for any Test, how do I get the execution code?

Once you have completed the Shopping Cart with tests you wish to take and payment is successfully made via the process which is self prompting and required to be followed, an email with the execution code will be sent to your registered mail id.

Typically how much time should be budgetted for the Tests?

BrightBrainsTM Tests are scientifically created to span 60 [ minimum] to 120 minutes [ maximum], depending on the level that one chooses.Plan your time for the tests accordingly.

After the tests is taken, where does my certificate arrive or is visible to me?

Once you have completed any test, a Soft Copy pdf file will be sent to your registered email id.

I am in the middle of the test and either there is a power or Internet failure, what happens then?

Please restart your exam process with the same code. It is likely that a fresh set of questions may appear.

Can I take a re-test on any test?

Yes you can. The process is the same and the key differentiator will be the date on the certificate that is generated, and if taken within a span of 12 months, the number of attempts will be visible on the certificate. There is no limit on how often you can take a retest, but over a 12 month spread, taking it more than five times is not recommended.

If I take a retest, will I get the same set of questions?

Not necessarily. Questions banks are always updated and generally the random generator picks the questions..

I have an iPAD - can I take the test on this device/unit?

Yes, you can. However, please ensure that BEFORE you execute the Test Code on your iPAD, check your iPAD Settings and make sure your FaceTime settings are set to OFF and any Third Party iPAD Application which you may have for Mobile Calling/Receiving via iPAD is also disabled/OFF. It is mandatory you do this as tests are time-based and will time out in case of any interruptions occour while you are executing the code. A similar alert will also be visible before you actually execute the Test Codes.

Can I get a copy of my test paper and details?

No, this is not offered to anyone. Also, our tests are aimed at checking your alertness at various levels, within time scales for each question and expect candidates to be prepared well enough to tackle questions on line in real time only..

What is the overall value to me of the BrightBrainsTM tests?

Tests are a sort of a general benchmark of your abilities/skills in any chosen topic. Tests are a measure of yourself and help both the individual and prospective companies who plan on considering you for the job. However, no claim is made here that these tests guarantees anyone of a job in any chosen company. These tests ensure that you have undergone an overall assessment in any subject area covering various topics in a stipulated period of time. It is a confidence building tool both for you and also prospective hiring companies. Furthermore as we provide multiple levels of tests – Basic, Intermediate, Expert – so our tests help show which levels you have command over and does not give any misleading data. It helps individuals/Companies decide your own suitability to any task and also help chart a course for up gradation of skills depending which level you have successfully overcome.

How do I pay for the tests?

PhonePe is our Payment Vendor and all payment options offered by them are visible once you are proceeding for payments and you can use whatever option that suits you best.

I/We have made payment via Netbanking, but no confirmation received-what to do?

Typically all payments go via a secure gateway, and each bank may have their own.Although in 99% cases the response/actions are immediate, it may happen in some rare cases that delay is encountered.This could be for one or more specific processing bank related situations - like systems is down, maybe network is down, maybe some upgrade is in progress hence temporary halt of operations, etc - so please patiently wait allowing time to overcome OR if you wish to, you may call your bank and clarify the reason for delay. Any such delay is outside the jurisdiction & control of BrightBrainsTM.

I/We tried to make payment via Credit Card/Debit Card - but was declined.

Please check with your bank/credit/debit card handling department for this.This would not be due to any reasons within or originating from BrightBrainsTM.

I have deleted my email with the Results Certificate, what should I do?

Please make a request on and our Administrator will review the case and arrange for a copy to be forwarded to your registered email id. This can be only done within 12 months of your having taken the test. In the subject line of the mail id you need to mention – Request for Duplicate Certificate”.

I have given the test, but the certificate did not reach me – what should I do?

In normal conditions this is unlikely to happen. However, slow or intermittent or unstable Internet connection/services could lead to this happening. Always use a reasonably fast, stable & reliable Internet connection while executing BrightBrains tests. Sometimes the auto-response could end up in your SPAM box/folder, so make sure you check that. If you do not find it there also, then please make a request on and our Administrator will review the case and arrange for a copy to be forwarded to your registered email id.

How do you cater for Refund and/or Cancellations?

Sorry, we have a strict NO REFUNDS and NO CANCELLATIONS policy in place. Please be sure as you plan to purchase & take the test and if not, hold back until you are. Do not book or pay for tests if you are unsure.