Product Philosophy

BrightBrainsTM is a product conceived & created PRIMARILY for the Education Sector and addresses a critical gap in the Academia-to-Industry transit, and aims to help students gain a benchmarking of their competency levels in any chosen Software Topic [from 50 popular topics currently on offer], and thereby experience better outcomes in their job application process. However, being a versatile product, it could be applied/adapted in the IT/Software Industry’s SME/MSME/Startup Sectors creatively for a different set of outcomes such as, a Filtering Tool, a Re-Skilling / Training Upgrade Tool & by HRs as an unbiased & transparent Appraisals Tool.

The underlying philosophy also includes complete respect, regard and appreciation for the teaching faculties in the institutes/colleges and accepts by default that the best knowledge has been imparted to the students via classrooms & lab sessions, and that BrightBrainsTM stands as an independent benchmarking tool to provide a quantitative measure of one's acquired skills levels only. It does not make observations nor interfere, advise nor dictate on any teaching methodologies or curriculum contents at any Institute / college /University. Furthermore the product does not advocate/ advise /suggest, directly or indirectly, any added training requirements.

Additional Considerations and PRODUCT USP:

In addition to the above, the following thought-processes were incorporated into BrightBrainsTM:

  • The tests are designed with “Real Life,” practical, workplace situations in mind - these tests are intended to make the Students/candidates think on their feet in limited time and address/solve a given problem with no option to change their answer once committed, almost a simulation of what one can experience at work in the Commercial World. - BrightBrainsTM is a niche product, focusing on Software Technologies only & not distracting to other areas and are Technical in nature.
  • Each subject topic has 3 LEVELs of tests- L1-BASIC [60 questions- 60 minutes], L2-INTERMEDIATE [60 questions-90 minutes] and L3-EXPERT [60 questions-120 minutes]

Product USP are:

  • The tests only move in one direction – forward. Simply put, as any question based on allocated time, times out, it moves to the next question with no scope to revisit the one gone.
  • Objective and aim of the above is, at the workplace or in real-life terms, we need to take decisions based on our learning/experience, and must do so in an allocated slot of time. Effectively this “thinking on your feet” concept allows you to recall your learning process and implement without review.
  • Unlike an exam hall paper or test, where jumping back and forth to the questions at leisure and answering them for best results, BrightBrainsTM test structure disallows such luxuries and ensures you translate all acquired knowledge under constraints.