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Privacy Policy

Privacy of anyone who is either visiting BrightBrainsTM website or is using our advertised services is fully respected by us and therefore it is our ownership to share with you how we handle your personal data. We hereby invite your attention to read our Privacy Policy as it concerns you and it is our ownership to declare our position and if needed, address your concerns should there be any. Once your personal data is submitted here, we take it as your express permission and approval to use it only for the appropriate process requirements of our clearly advertised services and none other.

How is your personal information collected on this site and where is it held Personal data as is collected via BrightBrainsTM Registration process and subsequent payment process is held on Payment Gateway Services providers Servers and other data controlled by us on our Secure Server. We do not allow any unauthorized access to any such data nor do we sell, market, share or transfer your data to any Third Party organizations seeking such data.

Utilization of the collected/captured personal data As is described on our website, BrightBrainsTM services are one where we conduct automated assessment of individuals [if directly using the services] and of companies [if using our services on behalf of candidates/employees], hence all your personal data / company data as captured bear full relevance to the services process and will be granted the security/confidentiality needed and is used entirely for this purpose of the process as set out in our granting of services to individual/company. The captured personal information (including name, address, telephone number, email, etc as outlined in the Registration Form) are mandatory required data which are used at different stages of the services you will sign up to. This includes/covers the following key aspects of the offered services and allows us to: process orders submitted/confirmed by you, administer or carry out our obligations with you in any situation where we need to do so and finally resolve problems with you in the event any such instances occur.

Here is what we will NOT do with your captured personal data. - BrightBrainsTM will not use your personal data for any direct or indirect marketing, any direct or indirect advertising or share / sell / disclose your data to any individual / company / group/ at all. If we ever do find or feel or come to a situation where we need to, we shall be seeking you your consent prior to using your personal data for any purpose whatsoever. The exception situation to this would be only if we are legally required to share any information pertaining to situations like - legal process, for the purposes of fraud prevention, any other criminal offence or if we are convinced that such action is necessary to protect and/or defend our own rights as a company & business entity, only then data will be used for specific purposes only as outlined strictly within legal frameworks.

What our services potentially mean for you / companies - Basis, Objective and Value of our Services - BrightBrainsTM tests and assessments are aimed at providing unbiased and fair assessment of the individual skills in software technology skills via this on-line service. These tests can be taken by either individuals or via companies details of which are covered in our website. Individuals who choose to use our services directly, will receive their assessments [quantitative result/certificate] directly as well, while companies who run these tests on behalf of their direct employees and/or external resources, will receive all results at the company registered data only. No test result data either for individual or company conducted will ever be shared with any Third Party whatsoever. The basis, objective and value of our services are outlined on our website home page, in our Terms & Conditions and also in our FAQ section.

Overall Protection of your information submitted to us. - BrightBrainsTM hereby confirm that we have implemented adequate checks to protect your data submitted to us. We have further ensured that no unauthorized access or unlawful access or any form of improper use of your data happens based on the implementation of current technology elements curbing such access. We will always be keeping track of new technology announcements to further upgrade this aspect of our services and implement as appropriate. Confidentially is fully respected at all times.

Changes to this policy - From time to time, as appropriate, we may make changes to our Privacy Policy. Please check our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.